My Dance Pad!
An online tutorial for making dancepads

Intro - welcome to the new site

Well it has been over 4yrs (designed in May of 2004) since my first design. I did not realise that the site was down. I forgot that all the files were saved on another computer that I sold. So bear with me for those of you that are here to see how to build the sleekest dance pad available. The photo show was taken 4yrs ago and is the first proto-type. It measures less than 2" thick, and is approx 40" x 40". It is also, probably one of the more quiet boards. Yes you can jump on these and there is practiacllay no more noise than those commercial "plastic" ones.  Since then, I have made some changes to the design.

This game is great for anyone of any age. I am currently 44. And I can outdo most of those that play that are half my age!!! (Stepmania setup: Heavy, Dark, Boost x2, sometimes just out of being dumb, I'll do reversed). My son introduced me to the game in 99', and as you might have guessed - NO WAY!!! A couple years later rolled by and my nephew finally was able to get me on one. Since it was late, I thought what the hell. I sucked! But I was hooked. The rest is history.

A few more years passed by, and I found that I was spending tons of money on these things. So I did a search of homebuilt ones. And would you believe!! There was! The first one I really built was base off a cardboard model, parts you can pretty much get from Targer. I pounded on it for months, and eventually tore it up. But being a creative person I am, I found new ways to make one and quickly got it down on paper. Now, a years later, I'm still pounding on MDP II (MDP I was only a proto type with a few glitches). I can do MAXX 300 (i think thats what it is) only for a few seconds, but I was able to prove the response time on the board was excellent.

Below are a couple screenshots taken of the game. Not to show you how sucky I am, but to show you that the board works great! 







To make the pad that I show here, there are a few things you need to get. I do not support anything outside of these settings.

Windows XP/Vista (any version)
Dance With Intensity (Recommended)
Stepmania (or the Actual PS Game)
Smart Joy USB Controller.
The OLD playstation One Controller.
   I would not recommend MadCatz.

The only reason I use the Old controllers is because one, they are easier to solder. two, they seem to be very user friendly with the Smart Joy USB Converter. And three, as far as a I know, all the PS consoles are backwards compatable with them. Also, take it from me. Im out $50+ on buying cheap imitation (especially MadCatz) controllers. When you create the pad I will show you, the only part you need is the actual mother board of the controller. When using a madcatz controller, if you cut off the joystick part, it fails to work. It locks down button 3 and 4, and puts the directional pads at down and to the right. If you can get one to work, let me know, I would love to hear about it.

If you are hurting for controllers. Here are a few places I have gone to get them. Pawnshops always seem to have a ton of controllers and usually you can get them for under $5 each. Try to get the ones without the rumble or the joystick (for your thumbs). Although you can remove those, its more of a pain than its worth. Also (I am attempting this), you can opt to try for sony themselves.

One final note: This pad is designed with pricing and time in mind. There are a lot of methods used here that are very very INEXPENSIVE. However, very effective. The final result is that the pad looks fairly professional, sturdy and should last many years of beating!! Over all cost of this bad boy is approx $90 (MDP II cost about $130). If you have any questions, email or post in the forum.

Good Luck, Have fun building

It will probably take about a couple weeks or so to have the site restored. So bear with me...


NOTE: This is the original low profile designed board that utilizes all internal wiring and control. via a shell design. If you see any others on the net or similar, it most likely used this as its foundation. The majority I've found has all the controllers outside.

RESEARCH: (many of the others, are no longer available on the web)



This was the first SOLID ddr board I found. I actually made one of these. What turned me off was first - VERY VERY LOUD. 2nd was big and clunky. Not easy to store (at the time I lived in a studio apt). However, did have the capability of lighting.


 I liked his design, however, did not care for all the unsightly wires. The only wire I wanted to show was the one you plug into the controller.EOL.


This was a nice board. Not sure why the site went down.


 I think this is the original DDR pad


If there is a site you own that you would like to see posted here, or know of one still up contact me and i'll post it here.